Oct 272005

Once again Ryan Chapman shows us that he does not understand the wrongheadedness of current U.S. anti-terrorism policy.

Nobody in their right mind really thinks this way. I'm sure the folks in charge are not aware of how insane they are, but insanity it is indeed. The worst kind of insanity – blind, self-righteous, power hungry insanity resembling, oh I don't know, Satan?

What I meant was that the current U.S. regime is full of ignorance, or lacking knowledge, particularly "higher knowledge." And, although my Satan comment was sarcastic and possibly divisive, it serves to illustrate how millions of "lesser-informed" people may view us and mistake us for our current leaders.

The current regime is sowing the seeds of discontent and fanning the flames of war. A certain nihilistic view permeates their thinking, based on an ancient text, which dates back to Constantine, a fourth century Roman emperor, who used religion to unify the masses and whip people into war. He was successful in the short term, but now everybody knows what ultimately became of that empire. It morphed into US.

If Christ represents our "higher knowledge," then Bring It On! We clearly are going to need to do everything in our "right mind" to reverse this slip into the abyss.

Mike O'Brien

grad student

biomedical engineering

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