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Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

10.) The formation of Iron Maiden in 1980:

Holding hands with Satan and making British accents even more frightening, Iron Maiden rose from the dead and head-banged their way through the '80s. Propelling lightning-quick guitar fingers and horrifically mean metal riffs, their obsession with death and destruction claimed the souls of fans with elaborate monster props and fire. On the cover of each of their albums, a dead guy named Eddie is seen smiling in many different forms, eventually becoming the symbol of the band's heavy metal greatness. With their devil-horned fists in the air, audiences chanted along with such demonic masterpieces such as "Killers," The Number of the Beast" and "Children of the Damned." And if their music isn't Halloween enough for ya, picture a crowd full of mullet-haired fans, and you'll definitely have trouble sleeping tonight.

9.) "Paint It Black," by the Rolling Stones:

In 1966, "Paint It Black" held a special place among all of the Rolling Stones' feel-good songs, for it was the only dark and haunting song the band ever wrote. "I see a red door and I want it painted black/no colors anymore I want them to turn black." "Paint It Black" is specifically significant in rock 'n' roll, for it is widely considered the first Gothic song ever written.

8.) Rock 'n' roll costumes:

Wearing costumes started with Kiss in 1973 and has subsequently lived on to characterize a band's enigmatic and disguised persona. Kiss painted their faces and wore black and silver medieval attire. They had heels on their boots that would make an L.A. hooker look short.

A lesser-known band named Gwar didn't just wear costumes; they actually had full bodied monster suits, which was probably over-compensation for their terrible music. Contemporary heavy metal band Slipknot took wearing costumes to a higher level and their music is great. Their self-made masks of indescribable horror made Slipknot easily recognizable in the fearful eyes of parents all over the world.

7.) Three-degrees of Jason Vorhees in hip-hop:

In the song "Got My Mind Made Up," by 2Pac, he raps: "You best believe, to emcees I'm the deadliest disease/my thought rip ya' throat and make it hard to breathe/ya whole camp camp's under siege and I'm Jason Vorhees." A Tribe Called Quest also paid homage to the slasher in their song "Lyrics to Go" when they say: "Boggle at the party then you got the boggle-ation/decapitation foes yo as if my name was Jason." Lastly let us not forget Eminem; not only has he terrified parents and the F.C.C., he has also referenced Friday the 13th in multiple tracks. His most Halloween moment came when he wore a Jason mask and welded a chainsaw at many of his concerts.

6.) Formation of boy bands:

Absolutely nothing is more deathly terrifying and bone chilling than corporate pretty boys singing in happy harmony about their feelings. Cue the terror screams and the full body chills! The Backstreet Boys formed in 1993 and N'Sync formed in 1995, and even more terrifying came the arrival of O-Town sometime later. If any of this music happens to be played at Halloween parties this weekend, chances are that you may feel the urge to keep you head under water while bobbing for apples.

5.) A.F.I.'s "All Hallows E.P."

Only four songs long, this album is a terrific run through the graveyard of punk rock. Lead singer Davey Havok has been described as "the ghost upon the stage," and the band does a terrific cover of the Misfits' song "Halloween." Their lyrics crawl in and out of "fall children filling the street at dusk" and tell a story of "a boy that destroyed the world." A.F.I. is so Halloween; they'll let you remember that night using "candy apples with razor blades."

4.) The formation of the Misfits:

Utilizing B-rate horror movie style artwork, slick, black "devil lock" hairstyles and horrific makeup, the Misfits have haunted the punk scene and the hearts of parents since the early 80s. Their obsession with music from the 1950s gave punk rock lots of charm. Singer Glenn Danzig's ghostly vocals are reminiscent of a survived Jim Morrison. Their creature-like guitar riffs help boost their fascination with movie monsters and their lyrics inspire a hauntingly good time for a Halloween party.

3.) The soundtrack to the movie "Maximum Overdrive"

In 1986, Stephen King's story "Trucks" from his novel Night Shift hit the big screen with a heart-warming story of demonic semi-trucks coming to life to destroy all humans in their headlight eyes. This was a great Halloween moment in rock 'n' roll also because AC/DC did the soundtrack. Nothing is more entertaining than watching possessed trucks run people over with "Hell's Bells" blasting in the background. Oh, on a side note, this movie rules because Emilo Estevez is in it.

2.) Ozzy Osbourne biting The head off a bat:

Okay, for starters, Ozzy is the Prince of f***in' darkness! In 1981, after the release of Ozzy's second solo album, "Diary of a Madman," (featuring the song "Mr. Crowley" which is easily the best Halloween song ever), Ozzy embarked on his "Night Of The Living Dead Tour." Throughout the tour, it was Ozzy's pleasant idea to dump 25 pounds of pig intestines and calves' livers into the audience every night. As the tour progressed, fans began bringing meat and dead animals to contribute to the "festivities." But one night in Des Moines, Iowa – as if things couldn't get any more disgusting – an audience member threw a live bat on stage. It lay on the floor without moving and Ozzy, (thinking it was a rubber toy), bit the head off of the animal. But alas! The animal got its revenge before it died by biting back. Subsequently, Ozzy had to endure many painful rabies shots. Now, who's hungry?

1.) Micheal Jackson and the "Thriller" video:

First off, there are two very Halloween elements here: Michael Jackson and his video; and it's debatable to which one is creepier. In 1983, "Thriller" screamed its way to the top of the music charts and became the ultimate dance anthem for Halloween. In the "Thriller" video, Jackson and his date are watching a movie and leave to take a shortcut home through a graveyard. Uh oh! From there, Jackson turns into a mix of werewolf-cougar-zombie and performs some tremendous dance scenes. If "Thriller" isn't Halloween enough for ya, just consider modern day Wacko-Jacko's glow in the dark, nose-less face cuddled up with your children! It's time again to cue the terror screams and the full body chills!

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