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Oct 262005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The Collegian editorial staff is feeling the blues. Perhaps it is the sweatshop hours we keep in our dungeon-like offices. Maybe the melancholy is due to being paid less than minimum wage rates while regularly putting in 60-plus hours each week. More likely, however, the collective angst going around the office has something to do with the change of seasons.

The last leaves are falling off the trees, the ski resorts are churning out their artificial snow and this weekend – against the staff's wishes – the clocks are being set back at the end of daylight-saving time. So we gain an hour of sleep and lose an hour of daylight. In any case, when you wake up on Sunday your alarm clock will be lying to you. You will have either underslept or overslept and the sun will be setting soon after lunch.

This is a mistake in the opinion of the Collegian's editorial staff.

Perhaps as a society we should reexamine our needs to do things so early in the morning. Einstein slept 12 hours a day and look where it got him.

Our country should go the way of Russia and Tennessee by keeping daylight saving year round. Because the extended daylight saves energy, the government has planned a daylight-saving time extension to go into effect in 2007. We wish it was 2007, but it is not, so we, and all the other sunlight-loving people in the country, must accept winter is arriving at CSU. It's time to break out the winter wardrobe, drink snugglers (hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps if you are of age) with our friends and wait for that first $300 Xcel Energy bill to arrive.


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