Dear Editor,

Oct 262005

I have been teaching at CSU for more than 20 years, and I don't think I have ever seen – outside of some of the "opinion" columns on the editorial page – a piece of writing as negative and self-indulgent as what Julie Abiencunas wrote about the guest lecturer and hymnologist Russell Schultz on Oct. 20.

I'm not even sure what to call this column, since it contains little to recommend it either as a review of, or a report on, the event. A nice start would have been for Ms. Abiencunas to include some pertinent information about the event itself. It was designed as an educational lecture for the specific benefit of Hymnology class students and AGO members, not an entertainment for the general public. Dr. Schultz is a national expert on the history of Hymnology and hymn composition. This was the first major event presented under the direction of our new Stewart and Sheron Golden Chair of Organ and Liturgical Studies, Dr. Joel Bacon.

While this event is indeed very worthy of good coverage, I also have to wonder why it was selected for a review and then why such a poor-quality result was allowed to take up a half page in the Collegian.

When a Collegian reporter is assigned to cover such a specialized event, she should take time to do her homework to be fully informed, and be able to educate her readers about what took place and why, rather than groaning on about her personal dislikes and discomforts. It's also OK to move forward to be able to hear better…or to ask the stage manager to turn up the PA system!


Dr. Janet Morrow King

Faculty Events Coordinator

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