Oct 252005

It seems to me people are discussing a variety of viewpoints in our community and nation when it comes to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender issues, Daniel's letter, and the articles the Collegian printed are all too often in the minority. We wouldn't need organizations such as the GLBT Student Services office if everyone on campus felt totally comfortable and thoroughly represented. The GLBTSS office, unlike the other advocacy offices on campus, receives no money from CSU and must attempt to serve an enormous group of people on donations alone. How's that for tolerance, eh?

As far as the topic of "unwanted homosexual feelings" are concerned, there are two formidable reasons not to endorse "ex-gay" therapies. For one, there is little reason for such things given the growing number of churches in America and elsewhere that are "open and accepting" of ALL people, including the GLBT population. Second, these therapies tend to have an enormous failure rate and a large rate of remission after the therapy is completed (I won't even bother mentioning that most of these therapies use shock therapy or other types of aversion therapy to "cleanse" homosexual feelings).

After all, the two men who founded Exodus International, one of the largest ex-gay organizations in the world, are currently in a committed relationship. Not exactly what I'd call a strong recommendation.

Colin Strack


biological sciences

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