Oct 252005

In his letter, Mr. Banuelos asserts universities are imposing a "liberal bias" when preaching tolerance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender issues. Nice try. This, of course, assumes homosexuality is a choice individuals make, and because it is a choice, then people have the right to "respectfully disagree" with such a choice and should, therefore, not be perceived as "intolerant" if they do so.

Again, nice try. However, your assertions are not dissimilar to the perspective that perpetuates homophobic actions and beliefs. I will not even use this space to cite the numerous studies that have linked homosexuality to biological and natural underpinnings. Instead, I will appeal to you on a more humanistic note. I do not know a single person who chooses to be ostracized, ridiculed, to be subject to oppression and discrimination on many levels of society. If you know someone who meets this description, Mr. Banuelos, please have him or her come forward.

To equate homosexuality as a "choice" is like saying someone's skin color is a choice. And I have news for you, to "respectfully disagree" with someone's sexual orientation is as absurd and intolerant as to "respectfully disagree" with the color of his or her skin.

Nick Baez

graduate student


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