Elitist coastal inhabitants

Oct 252005

I am writing in response to Jenna Lynn Ellis' Thursday commentary: DCyndrome Spreading. All I can say is, Amen sister, though I would stretch to include the elitist, egomaniacal students from both coasts. I was in D.C. this past weekend visiting a high school friend who is in her senior year at Georgetown, and although no one said it directly, I got the distinct impression that because I chose to stay in Colorado and attend a "state school," my education wasn't as valuable or as worthwhile. It was eye-opening to be around people who are so driven and focused, but after hearing nightmare stories from these same friends about 20-something Wall Street execs having nervous breakdowns, one has to wonder what it's all worth. While my friends in both D.C. and California may go on to lead far more high-profile lives than I will ever hope to as a lowly English teacher, I feel I have chosen a career that will positively impact future generations, and that, to me, is more valuable than a six-figure salary.

Emily Moreland


English education

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