Oct 252005

I am a disappointed Collegian alumnus.

On Oct. 13 I visited CSU to participate as a presenter for the Colorado High School Press Association's "Journalism Day 2005."

Of course, while on campus, I picked up a copy of The Rocky Mountain Collegian, the wonderful little newspaper for which I toiled from 1983 to 1986.

During those three years, I drew three editorial cartoons, five sports cartoons and three comic panels per week for the paper. I was also its art director in 1986.

In addition to me, the Collegian employed a very vibrant and a very creative staff of several other comics' page cartoonists. Easily 75 percent of our cartoon strips and comic panels were lovingly drawn by CSU artists.

Boy howdy! Was I ever disappointed to open up the Collegian and find not only the complete absence of any editorial cartoon, but only a small section of comics, and NONE drawn by CSU students!

You can read those nationally syndicated comics just about anywhere!

What has happened to the Collegian?

Where are all the cartoons and comics about CSU by CSU?

Surely, in such a wonderful, footloose setting as a college newspaper, you can and should do much, much better!

Forget the national stuff! Grow your own talent!

That's what we used to think The Rocky Mountain Collegian was all about!


Alan Vitello

BFA Fine Art / Graphic Design, 1986

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