Oct 242005
Authors: Sarah Rawley

Ski fever has hit Fort Collins.

Snow is beginning to fall in the mountains, but all Fort Collins ski and snowboard enthusiasts can do until the lifts start cranking is keep on dreaming.

The Snowriders kept that dream alive last Thursday with the Fort Collins premiere of Teton Gravity Research's 2005 film, "The Tangerine Dream."

The Aggie Theatre was crammed with more than 500 people and sponsors from Steamboat Springs and Arapahoe Basin ski resorts, Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol, and Christy Sports.

"This is our biggest event in terms of volume. It is unique because you can get so many people exposed to it by just word of mouth," said Corey Cocker, trip coordinator for Snowriders.

Teton Gravity Research, based out of Jackson Hole, Wyo., symbolized the rugged, vagabond lifestyle of ski culture in "The Tangerine Dream" as the orange truck, that began with TGR 10 years ago, traveled around North America to continue to change the face of the sport and fuel the passion behind it all.

With more than 700 hours of filming and producing, producers Dirk Collins, Corey Gavitt, and Steve and Todd Jones brought big jumps, big mountains, and big style to the big screen.

"My favorite part was the 90-foot Pyramid Gap in Utah. Pep Fujas knows how to stomp it, and I can't believe that 14-year-old (Kyle Peterson) cleared it so many times," said Evan Piche, a freshman business major. (CQ)cm

"The Tangerine Dream" took riders all over the world, from Switzerland, Turkey, and France, to the extremes in India and Alaska, and back to the states in Aspen, Utah, Montana, California, and to its origin, Jackson Hole.

Jeremy Nobis pushed the limits on-screen as he defied new heights in Alaska. Jeremy Jones revved the audience up as he straight-lined 50 degree spine walls, and Victoria Jealouse made snowboarders envious of the limitless powder.

The "Tangerine Dream" tour is scheduled in more than 100 cities, including several stops in France, Japan, and Canada. Colorado boasts more than 18 stops, with the next one in Vail on Oct. 27.

This was the biggest turnout Snowriders had seen for any of their events in past years, organizers said.

"The movie was inspiring and the crowd was just as amped up about the film as for getting out there on the snow," said Madeleine Murray, Snowriders marketing assistant.

Snowriders' upcoming trips include a trip to Loveland Ski Area on Oct. 29 for "cooking out, chilling out, and rocking out on the slopes." Cost is $10 for transportation and approximately $27 for lift tickets.

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