Oct 242005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Last week, CSU President Larry Penley called for a massive reorganization of the university's internal structure, meant to act on the recently approved strategic plan.

While the reorganization will cause some chaos throughout the inner workings of the university, these changes are necessary to keep up with competition from other universities and continue to improve CSU.

President Penley and other university administrators, faculty, staff and students have spent over a year working on the strategic plan. While some of the goals are aggressive, it is important to remember that as changes occur outside the university, steps must be taken to make changes within the university.

While it is unsure what effect the reorganization will have on jobs in certain departments, such as the Office of Instructional Services, Penley and other university administrators say they will do their best to keep as many employees as possible within the university, even if they are moved to other areas.

Hopefully no jobs will be lost and administrators will remember the employees at the lower end of the totem pole who rely on their jobs and are loyal to the university. Overall, this reorganization will help improve the future of the university and in turn benefit everyone who works and attends the school.

The Collegian applauds the effort of Penley and others to make these drastic changes. By taking the initiative to make these changes, they are showing their commitment to the university's excellence.

It will, of course, take time to work out the details and the Collegian will follow the changes as they occur.

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