Oct 242005

To the "get drunk, have fun" guy, I'll say my goodbyes now.

Spady felt the same way-expecting to live another day. She was a pro. Then her number was called. Even a pro can't beat the strange ways of today

Those guys back in the hills who make their own hard brew, only sober enough to make more, died from liver failure.

While you were wasted the world changed. The game now-Russian roulette. Make yourself available to death and it won't hesitate. Your choice. Bye.

The girl who fell into the pond on her bike? She has a sister-still trying to get to the other side! Going from computer mole to outdoorsy type is tough. So let's all applaud their effort and redirect them.

The Biker Sisters who love the pond? They've turned in their bikes. That's all I know.

The Biker Sisters were told there's a party at the 'A'. They were seen climbing C building! Redirect people! Redirect!

To the girls who helped me get untangled from my bicycle after my spectacular fall on Friday, thanks. Extra special thanks to the girl that told me how graceful I was when I fell. You are a great liar.

My bishop came to visit my church last week, but I think he was so fake. He never once moved diagonally.

Once we get those big figures on our "illegal" guests, what do we do with them? Teach them English? NO. We learn their language! Show them how we do things (when in Rome do as the Romans)? NO. Our cars jump up and down like theirs. Our guys wear "baggies"! Do we return what's illegal? NO. We add them to our health plan and deliver their babies! Besides, their president just handed them the manual on How to Cross the Border Safely! It would be rude to return an illegal gift. What's wrong with us? Freedoms without one standard are nothing to be proud of. We've dropped the ball.

I thought it was hard to find work once someone had been to jail. Martha Stewart proves otherwise. She just wrote a book on how to be successful. For all canned CEO's!

Hilary in defense of her husband, before walking off with the White House china, said, "We're all dysfunctional." That would make it "open season." Lawless, right? I hope she runs for president real soon. But then, what exactly would she be president of?

Okay, so I'm sure the Pikes are great or whatever, but the only thing I want to know is what if their house looks like there could be a meth lab in the basement?

Hi everyone, my name is Johnny Cash. I am new to CSU and I found this nifty little thing called facebook, wanna be friends? I throw a hell of a party too!

I was very impressed by the article in the Tuesday, Oct. 18 issue entitled "You Absolutely Must Read This" by Tyler Wittman. I did have a couple of comments however. Mormons do not deny the Trinity, per se. The Godhead represents three separate personages or beings that are united in Purpose as One. Also Mormon is a nickname. The true name is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" which is inscribed on all the meeting Chapels. Amen to the rest of it!

To all of the smokers on campus: I have no problem with smoking, that is your personal choice, but if you are going to do it please stand at a location designated for smoking and don't walk with the flow of people. You make us stink when we get to class or work.

What's with all this defensive of Pikes? Wait a minute, Pikes aren't even a frat anymore. They are not even a recognized chapter. They have been kicked out of CSU, and their so-called frat "houses" aren't even supposed to have Greek letters on the outside, so just stop calling yourselves Pikes. You are just a bunch of dudes who paid to know each other.

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