Oct 242005

I have become convinced that the editors of the Collegian are just trying to piss me off. Why else would they keep Tim Waddingham on their staff? This is the third time I have had to prove him wrong. First thing, in the article Mr. Waddingham says that the only reason America is divided today is because of President Bush and nothing else. He doesn't mention, probably because he doesn't want us to know, that many other problems contribute to our division, such as the U.S. people's stances on abortion, poverty, taxes, education, etc.

Mr. Waddingham also forgets the notion that every war will cause division in the country, not just wars caused by guys named George. Ever heard of U.S. lead wars such as Vietnam and Korea? Or have you heard of the Civil War? Our country was very divided during all of those conflicts, and none of those wars were started by a certain Texan and his son.

Another false item in Waddingham's article is that he thinks Iraq had no business being invaded. Wrong again. Why? Well for years, long before Bush was in office, Saddam was not letting U.N. inspectors who look for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) into his country. Why would he do this? Did he not like foreigners? Was he racist? Or maybe, just maybe, was he building WMDs and used the time he had to get rid of them before we finally kicked his door in? My guess would be the latter of the three, but that's just me.

I just have one more thing to say, Mr. Waddingham, when Iraq becomes the most dominant political and economic success the Middle East has ever seen, and subsequently other totalitarian regimes fall because of Iraq's example, you're gonna have some serious explaining to do.

Robert Drost



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