Oct 232005

I wanted to applaud the Collegian, Caroline Welch, Avery Fisher and Joanna Pepin for the article "Defying labels: transgender CSU student shares story," which appeared on the cover of Wednesday's paper.

I hope this article will help open minds of those who are homophobic or who are simply unaware of transgender individuals. By sharing Avery's story, people are able to relate to him on a first-hand basis, which is incredibly important when attempting to teach people to embrace diversity in all forms.

While I expect to see several editorials angry with this article because they think it is "morally and ethically wrong," I am writing on the absolute contrary. This is a great educational opportunity to reach many students who would usually ignore or disregard something of this nature. Thank you to Avery and Joanna for taking a risk, stepping outside the box and sharing your story with thousands of people. Hopefully this will help us take one step closer to total equality regardless of someone's race, gender, religion or sexual preference.

Janna Fisher


art major

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