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Oct 202005
Authors: Nnamdi Ohaeri

The date is Oct. 21. We are halfway through the fall semester, we are halfway through the 2005 football season and the Ram football team finds themselves at 3-3. This is not the ideal position that we would have liked to be in, but at least we are not 0-6. We have withstood the ugly face of adversity early in the season and we will do it again in lieu of the BYU loss. We face a formidable opponent in the form of Wyoming, and to my knowledge this game is known as the "Border War". I'm not much of a military man, but the Rams will be ready for battle. After an adverse situation we faced in last week's loss, the only thing left to do is rebound from that, and too bad for the Cowboys; they will face a hungry opponent on Saturday. So come out and support the Rams, be it in rain, sleet or snow. I guarantee you this…I'll be there.

I'd like to relate adversity to that of getting an F on your first test. Now Rammies, semesters are marathons – not races. Sure we would all like to get A's on every assignment, but that is an ideal situation. Adversity does rear its head. Unlike classes, we are not able to drop the whole season because of a couple of losses, so we SMACK adversity in the mouth (in the form of our next opponent). So the next time you get an F, don't drop the class, SMACK the class in the mouth (in the form of your next test, not your professor). I hope this serves as words of encouragement. Until next week…


Nnamdi Ohaeri

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