Oct 202005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

10. The Boot is a great accessory. Plus it's gold, baby. Bling-bling!

9. Not only is the War a big-time rivalry, it also has big-time implications in the conference standings.

8. Any mascot with horns looks and plays better then a mascot with a big hat.

7. Last year, Wyoming fans victimized Hughes Stadium with a "UW" emblazoned on the turf; winning is always the best revenge.

6. Right now, the Rams are 1-1 in rivalry games this year; a win this weekend gets the Rams over .500.

5. The Rams' make a great animal rights statement by branding the Cowboys.

4. The game lasts only a few hours, but bragging rights last the whole year.

3. It is always more fun to party after a win than it is to try to forget a loss.

2. The Rams are undefeated at home this year

1. The only thing worse then living in Wyoming is driving back to Wyoming after a loss.

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