Soldiers as poster boys?

Oct 202005

I would like to express my bitter disappointment in the article written by Jake Blumberg in Monday's Collegian. This article starts off as a great testament to our troops and suggests ways in which we all can offer our thanks to them for their sacrifices overseas.

However, Blumberg uses the last third of the article as a vehicle to push his own personal political agenda. Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg's strategy was to get us so pumped up with feelings of patriotism that we wouldn't notice.

Let me explain. Many political activists are experienced at throwing a phrase into the 'great political spin-machine' and coming up with new meanings for these words. Specifically what Blumberg is practicing is the subtle art of word association that the Bush administration is so fond of.

Blumberg tries to convince us that protesting the war equals hate for our troops. He also attempts to equate Iraq war-protesters with Vietnam war-protesters. These are the very ridiculous ideas that are spread to our soldiers and make them feel unsupported in the first place.

Mr. Blumberg, while it's great that you are very active in expressing your gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces, I would ask that you don't use them as a means of pushing your political propaganda. God knows our government does this all the time, and it does more harm than good to the morale of the very people we are trying to support.

P.S. Taking issue with your article doesn't make me unpatriotic (wink).

Kenneth Serenyi

microbiology student

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