Oct 202005

I think it's about time we get something straight – it was Brittany, NOT Liz, who brought the wonders of "YOUR MOM!" back into our lives. All should give her credit accordingly. Thank you.

Top 10 reasons I'm glad I'm not a Wyoming Cowboy:

10. I would have to pretend I'm a cowboy, everyday

9. I'd live in a state that only 20 percent of America knows exists

8. Look, pathetic excuses for mountains!

7. The state of Wyoming

6. I would have to burn UW into a field for people to know who I was

5. Dirt, Dirt, DIRT!!!

4. Devil's Tower? It's a rock!

3. School color…brown

2. I'd be the loft apartment over an awesome party

1. Lets face it; I'd be going to the University of Wyoming

Basically I feel that all the staff at the Collegian should be fired. Instead we should just have RamTalk and Nnamdi's Friday column. Jake Blumberg is okay, too. WE LOVE YOUR COLUMN NNAMDI! S and K.

It is not cool to mess up a house, steal their stuff and leave it on the neighbor's porch. Also, I think that some people need to get a life and stop arguing about the Pikes, but since I took time out of my day already I would like to say that I have lived by many fraternity men, and by far the Pikes are the best neighbors a girl could ever hope for.

Since when is Bush not American? Even I don't like the guy, but come on, some commonsense please.

Whoever keeps bringing beach balls to the football games is amazing.

Everybody needs to bring beach balls to the Wyoming game and launch them when CSU scores! Hundreds of balls flying around would own.

I would just like to comment on the Collegian's horrible reporting on sports.

Not only is there a lack of it, but the reports are inaccurate or lack details that may be nice to know. For example in the paper on the 18th the article about the Cardinals had no mention about the other series currently ongoing (Sox vs. Angels) or even what the Cardinals-Astros series score currently was. My advice is to have a day in the week where local teams' current standings and latest news is given, and to hire people who know what sports are to report about them.

To the girl who fell in the pond on her bike: I have been really stressed from school lately, do you think you could do that one more time? That would be awesome, I could really use a good chuckle.

Even after all of the changes and attempts to crack down by CSU and the police, I still drink as much as before and still will continue to get wasted. CSU has not changed my views on alcohol at all, just annoyed me with their media campaign for alcohol education. The entire CSU student body shouldn't have to pay for a few people's bad mistakes. Get drunk, have fun.

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