Meaning of Border War

Oct 202005
Authors: Nick Piburn

For many players there's always a couple games that have that extra meaning. For Ram players, there's the Rocky Mountain Showdown with Boulder, the Air Force in-state rivalry and this weekend's Border War.

This year it means even more with both teams needing a win to get that much closer to a potential bowl birth and possibly a Mountain West Conference crown.

Here is why the Border War means so much to several CSU players:

"It's Wyoming. It's the Boot. Enough said." -Junior offensive lineman Clint Oldenburg

"Since I've been at CSU, the Wyoming game, with the way the coaches act and everything, this game means a lot more to me than some of the other ones." -Junior offensive lineman Ryan Burgess

"We hate 'em." -Senior linebacker Courtney Jones

"It's a pretty good rivalry for Colorado State, but the main thing is those guys seem like they're pretty arrogant. They always act like they're better than us. I just like giving it to them and beating them every year." -Senior offensive lineman Brandon Alconcel

"This game is going to be a little different for me with my brother being on the other team (punt returner and wide receiver Hoost Marsh). It's going to be like high school again being on the same field as him, but hopefully I can get a hit on him." -Junior defensive back Shane Marsh

"Wyoming game means a lot to me because I grew up in Wyoming and I know what those guys are like. They hate us as much as we hate them and it's just a huge game for both teams. It's just a real important game for us to win because it gives us a year of bragging rights," -Redshirt Freshman offensive lineman Dane Stratton

"It's important to me because I fish in Wyoming sometimes and it's a good rivalry, it means a lot and I just don't really like them." -Junior offensive lineman Josh Day

"I'm new to the Border War because I'm a freshman, but I was recruited by Wyoming and through my experiences there I like CSU a lot better just because the class of the coaching staff and the players and the team unity here." -Freshman offensive lineman Tim Walter

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