Healing arts:

Oct 202005
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

Homeopathic healing, yoga, creative psychotherapy, acutonics, massage therapy, relaxation training and other holistic medicines are not how most students go about healing themselves.

The Holistic Health Fair on Thursday in the International House, 1400 W. Elizabeth St., featured a variety of options for alternative healing.

"People are finding out about a lot of community resources that will help them live healthy lives," said Amy Logan, counseling and career development graduate student and co-coordinator of the Holistic Health Fair.

Madhu Kumar specializes in Homeopathy, a holistic system of medicine that focuses on the mind, body and emotions to stimulate natural healing powers. The treatment provides an alternative way to treat various health conditions such as colds, skin conditions, asthma and high blood pressure.

"You could treat colds, coughs or fevers with homeopathy instead of using antibiotics and heal your body in a more gentle and safe way. You can also treat chronic illnesses like migraines, allergies and eczema, or even anxiety and depression with homeopathy," Kumar said.

The University Counseling Center provided information on all different types of therapy, such as stress management skills including biofeedback and relaxation training. These skills mainly work on deep diaphragm breathing, muscle relaxation and visual imagery.

"We [the Wellness Zone] teach specific skills that can help them lower their stress levels that can impact their ability to concentrate, focus and think clearly," said Samantha Farro, counseling psychology graduate student. "We see a lot of people that are feeling overwhelmed and are stressed about classes and things going on in their life."

According to Casey Seidler, art education graduate student, more than 200 people visited the fair throughout the night to learn about holistic healing, test out massage therapy and do yoga.

"[Yoga] was interesting, I've never done it before," said James Voyles, Fort Collins resident. "I got to stretch."



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