Oct 192005
Authors: Dominic Graziano

For those of you who have been in love with Sublime, but were too young to see them perform live, get ready for some good news.

Badfish, a Sublime tribute band out of Rhode Island, are playing the Aggie Theatre, 204 S. College Ave., Saturday at 8p.m. Tickets are only 8 bucks.

Badfish is comprised of guitarist/lead singer Dave Ladin, bassist Joel Hanks and drummer Scott Begin.

The idea for a Sublime tribute band started as an idea kicked around between Ladin and Hanks when they were playing together in high school.

"The idea really resurfaced when we played together," Begin said. "And it made sense because there weren't any Sublime Tribute bands in the Northeast."

Hanks and Begin were both computer science majors at the University of Rhode Island and musicians, which Begin said helped them hit it off.

"I've always been a musician at heart, I went through college like most people, not knowing what I wanted to do," Begin said.

As much as Begin loved being a computer programmer, he left his full-time job for Badfish.

"The opportunity to leave my job and do this full time presented itself and I took that opportunity," he said.

When Badfish played its first gig in Manutuck, R.I., the event sold out. True, "selling out" happened to be only 500 people, but still a large feat for a new band.

"We took the standpoint of: we would like to see this type of band play, so probably other people would dig it too," Begin said.

Badfish's standpoint would pay off. Over the past couple of years, they've sold out shows in Baltimore, Toronto, New York City and even the House of Blues in Atlanta.

"[We've] had a good reception almost universally," Begin said, "a very positive response everywhere we go."

While the lifestyle Sublime's members enjoyed involved drugs and partying, Begin said Badfish doesn't exactly follow that lifestyle too closely.

"The lifestyle had less to do with the way we interpreted the music, and we were only exposed through the recordings we heard," Begin said. "We have beaches in Rhode Island and they had beaches in California, that's where the lifestyle similarities stop."

Begin added that their approach to covering Sublime's songs wasn't about making them better or changing them.

"We just decided to play these songs the way people know them," he said. "We want people to hear the songs and be able to sing along the way they are used to hearing them."

Even though they are only doing covers now, Badfish has plans to record some original material.

"The problem is you have to focus when you are writing and recording, which is hard to do while on tour." Begin said. "We are really looking forward to putting something original together."

For now, Begin has no problem perfecting Sublime's old songs.

"The Sublime tribute thing is definitely full time," he said.

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