Oct 192005
Authors: Caroline Welch

Associated Students of Colorado State University voted Wednesday to approve a series of amendments to their constitution.

Stemming from a review of all ASCSU documents, the constitution is the first to undergo changes by the internal affairs committee, a sub-section of the senate, said Erik Healey, natural sciences senator and author of the bill.

Although most of the amendments were grammatical, one major change was made to election manager qualifications. As stated in the constitution, the president selects "an impartial, unbiased member of ASCSU to serve as the Elections Manager." The change adds "non-returning" to this list of qualifications.

Under the amendment, the elections manager may not be an elected member of the senate for the following year, nor may they serve as an appointed member of the cabinet or judiciary, said Healey.

"This limits the bias," Healey said. "The idea of elections is to be fair. The more you limit the bias, the more fair the election will be."

An option for the elections manager to participate in ASCSU following their term as elections manger is to be elected an associate senator through College Council, a governing body for each college that is responsible for electing associate senators to the ASCSU senate.

The amendment, however, means a smaller pool from which to select an elections manager, Healey said, but is necessary for overall elections improvement.

"In my opinion, it will make the entire elections process better, more fair," Healey said.

In the event the president cannot choose an elections official because they are running for re-election, the duty moves down the chain of command through the vice president, speaker pro tempore and director of finance, as outlined in the constitution.

The person chosen by the president must come before the senate for 2/3 vote for approval by the week immediately following fall break, according to the constitution, a rule that will not change under the new amendment.

The bill outlining these amendments proposed changes to impeachment proceeding, which were not passed, Healey said.

The proposed amendment changed the required number of senators to endorse impeachment of either the president or vice president from three to five, to make it consistent with another route for impeachment-a petition signed by 10 percent of the student body.

"The goal was to make it consistent with 10 percent of the student body," Healey said. "Three senators is not always representative of the student body, especially with increasing enrollment."

To impeach a senator, the proposed amendment required signatures of 10 percent of the student body, or five senators (instead of three), or by the president and two senators or by a College Council's recommendation to the speaker of the senate. The change from three to five senators was not made.

"Many felt five was too many," Healey said. "Moving this number up makes it harder for students to impeach the president of vice president."

The bill outlining these amendments must still be signed by ASCSU President Courtney Healey.


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