Oct 182005
Authors: Aaron Schoonmaker

The women looked to impress a Sunday morning crowd with a win over visiting Wyoming. To the likings of many, they did just that.

With all due respect, the Wyoming women came to Fort Collins a little beat up and got even more battered through the course of the morning. Physical play by the Rams all but controlled any effort put forth by the outmatched Cowboys.

"We came out with a lot of intensity this week," said sophomore Kaity Weaver. "We need to be able to keep that up for whole games."

Wyoming played two down for a majority of the game and met up with a little bit of insult to injury when they were forced to go three down after yet another human nick. Another participating Cowboy was playing with a wrapped cast protecting a recently broken hand.

Despite playing a beat up team, CSU cherished the home win.

"It is always good to beat Wyo," Weaver said.

The game was paced by the defense and the intensity was evident on the threatening side of the field.

"We need to drive a little bit harder on offense," said senior Deferae Frisk. "We had good defensive intensity, but it could have been better throughout the game."

As far as the game went, a physical, low-scoring affair lent its favor to the Rams. Three tries to one made the final score 15-5. A much needed positive showing came from the Rams this weekend.

"We worked a lot on defense this week," Weaver said. "Not giving up the holes and sliding outside."

The win should leave the Rams feeling confident as they have the toughest stretch of their season in the final two games.

"It is a real boost of confidence for us," said team president Amanda Kehmeier. "We are about where we need to be and could get a win if we play well."

The Rams will go to New Mexico for a tournament next weekend. The Falcons and Buffs (no school name necessary) will come to the Fort after that to wrap up the CSU fall season.

"Hopefully we can get some good playing this weekend and come back strong," Frisk said. "Air Force is one of the better teams in the state and we need to be at our best."

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