Oct 182005

If you believe fat people shouldn't receive health care coverage then by your logic neither should cirrohsis, lung and skin cancer or drug rehab patients. While we're at it why should unplanned pregnancies or injuries from extreme sports be covered? In many cases these are preventable conditions so why should they get health care if fat people don't?

I found your article offensive and un-researched. Though Colorado is the thinnest state it is not the healthiest overall. (It's number 36 according the United Health Foundation.) Most of the "healthy salads" McDonald's promotes have almost or as much fat and calories as a Big Mac. The chicken Caesar with dressing and croutons has 550 calories and 33 grams of fat compared to the Big Mac's 560 calories and 30 fat grams. I hope by the time you graduate you will realize that a real journalist researches facts to back up an opinion article instead of just expressing her own shallow views.

Listen, if fat people make you sick, don't look. Try to live and let live. No one is perfect, not even you.

I only hope that if one of your loved ones had a self-inflicted disease you'd show more compassion, not say "Oh well, Dad's fat. Let's just let him die."


Rebecca Zazove


seeking technical journalism major

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