Oct 182005
Authors: Ryan Chapman

As the fiery colors and cool breeze of autumn begin to appear around us once again, we are often struck by the glory of being on a college campus in the fall. The month that brings this obvious change of the seasons is, of course, October and, for a plethora of reasons, it is the best month of the year.

The first reason that October is the best month is obviously football. I sat on my couch this Saturday hoping to watch my Rams beat some ass down at BYU, but had to settle for watching CU get violated by Texas; not a bad trade-off if you ask me.

Outside of college football the professionals are also getting into full swing as well. The Broncos have won five straight games, including the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots this past Sunday. Their defense is among the best in the NFL and they have suddenly developed the ability to avoid blowing every game in the waning seconds.

A huge reason this particular October is so grand is because of the return of hockey. One of the most brutal games on earth is back after a year hiatus and is going strong. Shoot outs instead of ties and more room in front of the goals has opened the game up and made it that much more fun to watch. Hockey is also the only sport in the world (outside of the obvious fight sports) that allows players to go fisticuffs to settle disputes. And I say seeing a little violence might be good for our politically correct school children who are no longer allowed to play sports like dodge ball because they are too "tough".

We are also lucky here in Colorado to be home to one of the most successful teams in hockey. The Avalanche have won nine straight division titles and are looking to make a run at a tenth this year, so why shouldn't we rejoice at hockey's return?

While I am not a huge fan myself, baseball playoffs also make this month interesting. Both of the fan favorites (Red Sox and Yankees) have been eliminated which will make this years World Series a wild battle of the under-dogs.

So football, baseball, and hockey are great but there has to be something about this month that isn't sports related that makes it so perfect. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Christmas for guys, otherwise known as Halloween. October wraps up in one final glorious night of naughty nurses, cops, pirates, teachers, fairies and hobos. Ok, I have never really seen a naughty hobo costume but it would be an interesting idea. Not to mention that Chipotle gives away free burritos on Halloween. A free meal and all the candy you can eat? Thanksgiving just doesn't sound that great anymore does it?

As if you needed any more proof that this is the greatest month of the year, the NBA starts training camp, the CSU rugby team plays their last two games and the Mr. Olympia, the biggest bodybuilding contest of the year, is held in Las Vegas.

So this is to all of you that would argue that the summer months or even the holiday season of December are the best months of the year. I would argue that not having to go to school, sleeping till noon, and receiving tons of presents are poor replacements for being able to watching nearly every major North-American sport simultaneously.

I also dare to say that watching the "Border War" football game on a crisp fall Saturday afternoon at the base of the Rocky Mountains is one of the greatest things any human will ever experience. So take that December and June.

Ryan Chapman is a senior marketing major. His column runs every Wednesday in the Collegian.

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