Oct 182005

I am a Marine Corps veteran and a student at CSU. I appreciate the sentiments of Mr. Jake Blumberg's letter "To the members of the United States Armed Forces." I would also like to point out that I am almost always against war and I believe diplomacy is almost always a better solution. I don't know if the camaraderie that occurs in the military is duplicated anywhere in the civilian world. To see my brothers and sisters dying and being maimed in a war of choice in which the justification continually changes is heartbreaking, especially considering the Cheney administration's lack of planning and preparation. I don't feel naive or misinformed about this war, at least not as much as I did in the several months leading up to the war. I would like to thank Mr. Blumberg for his letter to our active duty military. I agree with almost everything he said. Most importantly, thank you to our service personnel and their families for their incredible sacrifices.

Jason Besser


Information Systems major

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