Oct 182005

James Easton, I have only two words for you: First Amendment. This powerhouse of Constitutional doctrine ensures the freedoms you and I enjoy, and most often take for granted. The editors were correct in their summation that any monitoring and judgment enacted by the university would in fact lead us down the slippery slope of totalitarianism.

The university is governed by the principle of free-flowing information, again known as the First Amendment. I'm sorry you feel the need to express your outrage at the university's decision, but take a step back to realize the irony of your situation by understanding your own right to express your discontent! Regardless of your personal or faith-based opinions, accessing information on the Internet is guaranteed to be free of restrictions, staying within the legal bounds of course. Most pornography is not illegal, so those of legal age who choose to access it have every right to do so. The fact you don't approve attests to this nation's great foundation of freedom and diversity. America appreciates your difference of opinion because you and your right-wing brethren keep our country balanced.

It is not necessary to undermine the editors and their courage to voice their opinions by comparing them to sex addict supporters. "Don't Stop the Porn" is just a name, marketed to catch your eye and engage the reader. Degradation and name-calling because you don't agree is not appropriate.

Oh, excuse me, I forgot the First Amendment gives you that right.

Christopher Latham


accounting and finance major

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