Oct 182005

Tyler Wittman's assertion that, if there is a God, "then there can be only one religion or faith that has it right" is the most patently absurd statement I can imagine. Why? Because it ignores the possibility that there is a God AND NO religion or faith has it exactly right! By the way, this does not imply that everybody is right, but it does imply a certain degree of relativism, as well as an uncertain degree of certainty.

Most likely, we are all incapable of knowing the exact truth. Why? Because we are, in one sense, unimaginably puny. But in another sense, unimaginably grand! I choose to embrace both of these ideas, because it keeps me humble and it keeps me in wonder.

If you must know my philosophy, I believe that the root of all evil boils down to ignorance. In my life, the more I learn about everything, the more wonderful everything becomes. On the other hand, being more acutely aware of the sum of our ignorance, learning also involves a measure of pain. But luckily, by some grand fortune, we may transform this acute pain through the action of performing good, as measured by the sum total effect on everybody, which inevitably comes back around to us.

I love what happens when religion is able to transform people to do good things. Is that the affect your religion is having on you? Great! It is working! But if it does not transform you to do good, then, sorry, it is worthless, and very possibly worse.

Mike O'Brien

Grad student

biomedical engineering

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