Thank you Jake Blumberg

Oct 172005

I am a member of the Colorado Air National Guard and my unit has been deployed to the Middle East twice. I appreciate any praise that is to be given in this day and age of war protests.

I know I make a point to thank those who have served on Veteran's Day, but I can't let you know how much it means to me and other veterans when we see a thoughtful column like Jake's.

I also would like to take a moment to thank the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen that are still deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and the surrounding areas. When I read about soldiers that are being killed by the insurgency, I can't help but think about their family and friends. They are truly heroes and we are lucky to have people like them willing to fight. Jake, you have a big heart and I hope we all can say a prayer for our heroes who are fighting and those who have fallen.

Chris Colley


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