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Oct 172005

To the person who wrote: "To all the people with "Not My President" stickers… What country are you from and why aren't you there?" … I'd like you to ask the president that same question.

Please try to edit the Sports Friday a bit better! Last time I checked, it's the BYU Cougars and not the Utah Cougars. Also, usually football teams lose the game when the score is 27-34. And shut up about the Pikes already! Nobody cares!

Track is in the spring, cross country is in the fall you morons. Horrible journalism.

Regarding yesterday's paper (straight-edge punker vs. drunken lush): "the choicest pleasures in life lie within the circle of moderation." – Benjamin Disraeli

Maybe it's a people problem and not an alcohol problem.

To Kate Dzintars: bravo on your Friday column. As a fellow technophile, who would be first in line to get a Matrix style Ethernet jack installed in his head, I wholeheartedly commend you for recognizing that we do, in fact, need to have that trivial interaction with people that can't happen when you have headphones on everywhere. "Take control of the machines or the machines take control over you!"

I just want to thank the CSU police officer that passed by me while I tried to change my flat tire. Your help would have been appreciated. P.S. girls – it isn't easy changing a flat in stilettos, so have a handy man on speed dial.

I am an ardent supporter of Referendums C and D, but the overbearing and unnecessary police presence on campus (especially the power-tripping bike Nazis) is making my stance hard to justify. How can CSU, and other colleges, be asking us for money when the revenue vultures are constantly scavenging? Prove to us that giving money to our colleges (and their police departments) is not the gift that keeps on taking.

To the awesome guy that stopped to help me get my bike and backpack out of the lagoon on Friday, thank you so much. I really didn't expect anyone to help me until you ran over. Keep on being a gentleman. – The girl who rode her bike into the lagoon on Friday.

To faculty and students who think drinking is a problem at CSU. We drink because we like to drink, not because we have problems. We will continue doing it for the rest of our lives, so get off our cases. From, a CSU RAM who likes to get WASTED.

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