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Oct 162005

In response to James Baetke's article about porn being allowed at Morgan Library: It's about time someone brought this to the public's attention. It is quite a shame that such activities are condoned in a place considered a sanctuary for studying to a large part of the student population.

As a recent CSU graduate, I can attest that the people who look at porn at the library not only offend some of its patrons, but also create an atmosphere very disruptive to studying and learning, the two main reasons why students go there.

A situation that sticks out in my mind that exemplifies this took place last summer when a group of about 15 students and I went to the library at 11:00 a.m. on a Thursday to work on a take-home exam. We were sitting at a table on the second floor, right next to the stairs. From there you could see everything people were looking at in the computer area, and there were two middle-aged men sitting at computers looking at porn videos and making a huge scene out of it – they kept poking each other, looking at each other's screens and laughing about it. One of our group members pointed this out to a library employee, who told him she could not do anything about it because there was no rule prohibiting these two men from this type of behavior. The men continued doing this for about two more hours and by the time they left, our time to work on the exam had ended due to prior obligations so we could not finish as we had intended. Some of our group members were females and they were quite appalled and offended by the concept of creepy middle-aged men looking at porn at the library.

Viewing pornography in a public place with such a diverse clientele is absurd in my opinion, particularly in the library, which is also a common place for prospective students and their families to visit. Behavior like this in our facilities will just reflect badly on our university and affect us negatively in the long run.


Domingo Aguado

2005 Alumnus


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