Oct 162005

The Collegian sure is a laugh a day. If it's not people responding to Ryan Chapman's inflaming editorials, it's Tim Waddingham's feeble political arguments. This time, it happens to be Friday's sports page's "Top ten reasons tailgate parties at CSU are better than BYU."

Every other reason listed Fort Collins having alcohol and Provo's lack thereof. Let's put this into historical perspective. Provo was founded by pioneers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a.k.a. Latter-Day Saints, a.k.a. Mormons. Yup, those dang crazy Mormons founded Provo. So it comes to no surprise, having been persecuted and rejected like lepers (and sometimes even hunted), that most, if not all, cities in Utah are predominantly LDS, Latter-Day Saints.

Because of this, and since we have a guide from God called, "The Word of Wisdom," we don't drink alcohol; tea or coffee; do drugs, like smoke or chew tobacco, smoke pot, etc.; or abuse pharmaceutical drugs or other things to get "high." This is why people buy the wristbands there, rather than get them free here, where if you are over 21 you're expected to be a drinker. Yup, dang crazy Mormons with their non-alcoholic ways.

Surprisingly enough, and since I'm LDS, I could use most of those 10 reasons to state the opposite about tailgate parties, I'll just add that Cougars are a lot more fierce than Rams, and that everyone is a "Christian Conservative." Although I go here to CSU and support the Rams, in this particular case I'll take BYU. (Go Cougars!)

William Campbell


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