Oct 132005

Guess who's back! Goal-line stand to win the game and three straight wins. David

Anderson, Kyle Bell and Justin Holland. To quote The Sporting News, "He'll be the most physically gifted quarterback in a draft that will include Southern California's Matt Leinart." MWC championship here we come!

For a university that sponsors knowledge, having a CSU student performing magic on the front page instead of a massive earthquake that occurred in Pakistan makes sense. Thanks Collegian.

I highly doubt that the guy who pushed the girl out of the ATM line was a Pike. I know quite a few Pikes and none of them would do that. So get over yourself and the fact that you're not cool enough to be a Pike. (p.s. this was written by a woman).

To those of you who insist on making comments about PIKE: Maybe you should stop and get to know someone who is in PIKE before you start making comments just so you can brag to all your friends that you got the chance to make fun of some fraternity guys. It's easy to say things about them when no one knows who you are. You guys are probably the ones who feel like they need to constantly make fun of fraternity guys because you yourself wish that you were one! Stop hiding behind RAMtalk and find something better to do with your life.

We live next door to the Pikes. And let me say, that aside from the fact that they're house needs a little bit of paint, they're not all that bad. I don't know about the whole ATM incident, but the Pikes I have met have been true gentlemen. So stop all your complaining. And once again, they are still a fraternity.

I learned a couple things this weekend: First off, a goal-line stand to end a football game is one of the best things in sports, unless of course you are Utah. Second, Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" is a huge hit at parties to this day. And last but not least, $1 nacho cheese is extremely significant.

To the nice guy in the black car with the blue hoodie, thanks for giving me your parking spot in the library lot on Monday. The world needs more gentlemen like you. — The girl in the blue car

To all the men who go into the bathroom with their Mp3 players, is it really necessary to listen to music while you go to the bathroom, honestly?

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