Porn debate not simplistic

Oct 132005

While many response letters may focus on the issue of restricting or allowing porn access in a public place, the larger issue that needs to be addressed is the idea people use pornography to fill more than one void in their lives.

Pornography stimulates the physiological pleasure center which was wired into our brains, but it does not bring the fulfillment of a relationship with a close friend or significant other whom we can share our innermost secrets, nor does it fill the void of loneliness or depression.

Possibly, the rising incidence in addiction to porn and the prevalence of its usage that has turned it into an industry is caused by people sensing those other voids in their lives and trying to fill them by stimulating and eventually deadening that physiological pleasure center. Perhaps the solution to all our questions about pornography is for us to honestly ask ourselves what is missing in our lives and how we can fill in the gaps with more than just fleeting images on cold screens.

Katie Sutherland

Senior, human development and family studies/pre-med

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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