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Throughout my years attending Colorado State University, I have laughed, agreed and disagreed at many of the opinion columns that have appeared in our Collegian. None however have brought up feelings of disgust quite like Ryan Chapman's opinion on Roe v. Wade. As much as you may hate it, the decision is now constitutional precedent. And according to your own political views, the new (right or left) judicial nominees must adhere to judicial precedent.

But you're forgetting the fundamental issue. This issue isn't about Democrats and Republicans, left and right. The issue is about the quality of human life. I'm not saying I'm in favor of every woman who has unprotected sex and then gets pregnant to go have an abortion. I believe that there should be a woman's (unfortunate) choice to bring an unexpected child into this world.

You have to take in account that if such a decision were reversed there would be a national health crisis. Some women could resort to self-mutilation or worse, "black market" abortion. I still have reservations about abortion; it's a scary thing. But it's not my choice, I'm a man. It's not my body. The emotional and physical scaring after an abortion is unimaginable to me. I would hope that professionals under the watchful eye of big brother would safely perform the procedure.

Here's a thought, how about if Roe v. Wade is reversed? We draft republican, anti-pro-choice followers into fostering the kids who were born because of the rescinded decision. Now that's a scary thought, huh Ryan? Pretty ridiculous I admit, but so is your right v. left view on abortion.

Ryan Gudmundson


History Major

Social Studies Teaching Concentration

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