Budget reconciliation bill

Oct 132005

I would like to thank the editorial staff on behalf of CoPIRG for publishing today's letter to the editor. Regretfully the letter contains an error that ought to be corrected in order for students to be given the information they need to better understand the issues surrounding cuts to financial aid.

I apologize for this inconvenience but I hadn't gotten my facts straight until I wrote the guest opinion editorial piece that I was requesting to have published. HR609 actually passed the House and now, as part of the Budget Reconciliation Bill, Congress will decide how to make the $9 billion cuts to financial aid programs.

The budget reconciliation bill has not been voted on yet and thus students still have the opportunity to resist up until Oct. 14 when the vote will take place.

As well as this correction I was hoping you might also include contact information so students know how they can get involved in this movement on campus. We are planning a campus demonstration for Oct. 19 to coincide with the national campaign. If students wish to become involved they can contact Campaign Coordinator Brian Rose at (970) 310-8709 or at brose@simla.colostate.edu.

Brian Rose

CoPIRG Stop the Raid on Student Aid campaign coordinator

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