Oct 122005

I just wanted to say thanks to Tyler Wittman for his article on Tuesday about castrating rapists. I think he's absolutely right. We don't let murderers walk out of jail with guns, and we shouldn't let sex offenders walk out with penises.

I'm so glad that a guy has finally voiced an opinion on the issue because men are all too often very relaxed about the issue. Until we can get to the heart of men, there will be no change. So thank you.

I hope there are more guys out there who feel as you do and I hope they'll start coming forward and fighting against this epidemic as well, because the problem isn't getting any better and it won't until everyone is willing to take a stand.

For those of you who think this is rare, one in four girls on this campus has been sexually assaulted, that means it has either happened to someone you know, or it will. Think about it.

Christa Carlman

junior, communications

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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