In response to Megan Schulz

Oct 122005

To the author of "Let's All Hibernate This Fall Season": I was wondering when you were planning on using your weekly editorial column for intellectual purposes. I have read your past articles and am still waiting for one that doesn't sound like rambling or complaining. I understand it is your opinion and it is on the opinion page, but why don't you try something new? Maybe topics that will spark a debate, or dare I say, a heated conversation! What about trying to inspire some readers to do great things? How about discussing something you feel passionately about? Other columnists have repeatedly had responses sent in, but those articles get the attention they deserve.

You have a quarter of the page every week all to yourself and you write about things like getting your jeans wet from the snow? I am not trying to pick on you, but rather encourage you to write a thought-provoking article. Challenge us to truly think about what you're saying; write something that will stick with us longer than turning the page. I bet there will be more responses to this letter than the article.

Kristen Stauch

Senior psychology major

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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