Serviceman rebuts letter

Oct 112005

"The second lie liberals have been spouting lately is that conservatives, most notably the College Republicans, are being hypocritical for supporting the war in Iraq/on terror…"

It's not a lie. It may be objectionable for assuming facts not in evidence, but it's not a lie.

I've got 13 years in (the service), and honestly, what you are doing doesn't make me feel supported in the least. Up-front, I thought this was a mistake from the beginning. Looking at the law, looking at the alleged casus belli and looking at the mission; it was a non-starter.

But, because it's what a soldier does, I went.

Those in the chickenhawk camp, however, are saying this war was needful, they are saying now that it is so important we can't change the course.

Those young Republicans who are, "waging the war of ideas" on the campuses of America; they are failing the test.

Serving in the military isn't anathema to them, they encourage people to do it. But they refuse to practice what they preached. Like the young man who blanched when Jesus told him what he needed to do, they walk away. Unlike him they are not grieved; no they trump up a cause, a "great mission" which they can safely do from the States.

As for the last sentence you wrote… fine, are you in ROTC?

SSG Karney


Veteran OIF 1

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