Mr. Chapman-

Oct 112005

Surely you've seen the response to your recent editorial from a real, live (at least, so far) soldier in Iraq:

So, I get this article referred to me by my cousin, a student at CSU.

Speaking for myself, I don't feel all that well supported by Mr. Chapman. There aren't enough of us here to do all the missions we need to do to keep from losing this thing. You'll notice I didn't say 'win

this thing.' Seventeen years of military experience tells me that we cannot win in Iraq in any way that Americans are used to thinking of the term 'winning.' I was against this war from the beginning because it was a stupid, pointless mission that had no legal or moral justification.

So, to those who say that a person cannot support the troops without supporting the President and the mission, I say, '(forget) you'. I do it every day of my life.

And on a personal note to Mr. Chapman – please join up. We're very short handed right now, and I'd prefer you took my place on the next Iraq rotation since you believe in it and I don't. Otherwise, shut your pie-hole.

Michael Galletly

Staff Sergeant, Army National Guard


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Mr. Chapman,

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Oct 112005

I hope – and expect – that you've received many responses to your Oct. 5 column in the Collegian.

Sometimes it takes a firestorm of criticism for a writer to learn the error of his or her ways. Painting with such broad strokes, as you color liberals, is chief among your errors.

You lead me to believe you've not read the Bible much, or if you have, you've chosen to remember passages that fit your personal prejudices. If you were to scour the scriptures for evidence of the immorality of homosexuality, you'd find many nearby, if not adjacent, condemnations of fornication and adultery. If your opposition to homosexuality is based solely in scripture (I assume it is, since scripture is the only provided basis for your argument), where is your vocal opposition to fornication and adultery? Furthermore, where is your opposition to the marriage of fornicators and adulterers?

I am a liberal and I support the United States. I have nine medals and four years of exceptional military service to prove it. I am also a Christian and have been for all my life. I have been a Sunday school teacher for seven years. To say that I am less a Christian than anyone else, or to paint me as anti-American, is false. And no good column was ever written with broad, false assertions.

I'll leave you with the words of a really famous guy, which you may have come across: "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God."

But you're right; the Bible doesn't in so many words prohibit war. Nor does it, in so many words, prohibit gay marriage.


Jeff Redman

Sylva, North Carolina

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