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This is in the defense of Ryan Chapman's article "Correcting Liberal Lies" and to the negative response of the liberals who have ironically reinforced Ryan's comments. Ryan wasn't "spewing hate," but was showing the hypocrisy of the liberals who have lied and skewed the intent and beliefs of Christian conservatives.

Issues such as war, abortion and homosexuality have become a focal point of both political parties in recent elections. These issues are generally the turning point in the way many people vote, especially Christian conservatives. Most Christian conservatives find it inexplicable to associate their vote to a party that allows the murder of innocent blood, such as the millions of babies that are aborted each year (no matter how young they are). Many Christians believe that babies, born and unborn, should have the right to live because they are a gift from God. (Exodus 21:22, John 16:21)

As for war, there is "…a time of war, and a time for peace." (Ecclesiastes 3:8). Peace is desired by everyone and everyone hates war. But unfortunately, due to the hate and sin in the world it has become inevitable. May I remind you these terrorists and the likes of Saddam Hussein are not innocent and shouldn't be treated like so. They have the murder of innocent blood of millions of people on their hands! Society and this country are much safer with Saddam Hussein's regime dismantled and Al-Qaeda on the run.

Christian conservatives also find it hard to vote for a party that stands against the value of marriage the way God intended it to be, between one man and one woman.

As we can see there are concrete reasons as to why Christians should vote conservative if they are following their beliefs.

But for the people that use the Bible to try to convince Christians not to vote conservatively, make an effort to actually read the Bible for once and then maybe you can convince us to vote for liberals.

Jacob Francis


political Science Major

religious Studies Minor


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