Campus Blotter

Oct 112005


Theft at Atmospheric Science building – aluminum stolen.

Motor vehicle accident involving property damage on 1200 block of Shields Street – one non-student cited for following too closely.

Suspicious circumstance at Ingersoll Hall – red Oldsmobile trunk ajar, owner contacted.

Animal at 1200 Center Avenue – animal tied to bike rack – gone on arrival.

911 hang up at Shepardson building.

Attempted bike theft – party taken to Larimer County Detention Center.

Criminal mischief at Parmelee Hall – fire extinguisher box damaged.

Medical assist at Corbett Hall – student transported to Poudre Valley Hospital due to a peanut allergy.

Suspicious circumstance at Ingersoll Hall – student saw someone tampering with the breaks on her bike – gone on arrival.

Welfare check at Corbett Hall – student having difficulty with diabetic condition. Student transported to PVH by friend.

Suspicious circumstance at Morgan Library – gone on arrival.

Medical assist at Summit Hall – student transported to PVH by ambulance due to headaches and vomiting.

Welfare check at Ingersoll Hall – student took sleeping medication then left her car. A "Be on the look out" was put on student to check on her.

Theft at Parmelee Hall – wallet stolen.

Driving under the influence at Laurel and Shields streets.

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