Oct 112005

It happens every Monday. Students arrive at school and open the newly printed Collegian, expecting and receiving excellent journalism by Jake Blumberg.

At least, this is my truth. I have yet to read an article by Blumberg that disappointed me. Honestly, I would not say this for many journalists at the Collegian and I won't name names, but at least one has views that seem to be too one-sided (those of the right) and just plain repetitive.

Blumberg's articles are different. He chooses topics that are not only interesting, but they appeal to people on all sides. It is great to read the opinion page and not be bombarded by politics and war.

His most recent article, entitled "America's silent crime" was well written. Domestic violence is not the type of topic that any journalist would love to cover, but Blumberg made the article very interesting with valid points and an informative goal.

Blumberg always finds great topics to write about while staying as objective as possible. I am grateful the Collegian supports a journalist who I can really respect and one with articles that I am excited to read.

Good work.

John Donnelly

Graduate Student


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