Oct 102005

Mr. Chapman,

I really don't appreciate being told that my religious beliefs and liberal politics don't mesh while yours apparently do. But maybe you would have a better understanding of my beliefs if you saw it from my perspective.

As a Democrat and a liberal, I believe in: social justice and social equality, economic equality, the right to live my own life as I see fit to do so, religious freedom and community responsibility.

Though these aren't explicit as specific issues, they do cover the bases. I am pro-choice not because I particularly like killing debatably cognizant clusters of cells, but rather because it is not my business to tell a woman what she should do with her body.

I support gays who would like to marry because, well, they are American citizens like the rest of us and are entitled to the same rights and privileges. There is no non-religious reason for denying gays the right to marry and as such, they should be allowed to. Oh, and there's the little tidbit about how the Bible is actually explicit about abortion or homosexuality and that most reputable theologians will tell you that, generally, the Bible is ambivalent or contradictory about homosexuality. As for abortion, I think it is Leviticus that clearly states that life is created at the moment of birth, not conception.

But sorry I don't fall for the same empty rhetoric and dubious theology that marks the Republican version of faith.


P.S. Blessed are the peacemakers – Jesus Christ

Jamelle Bouie

University of Virginia

Class of 2009

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