10/11 RAMtalk:

Oct 102005

To all the people with "Not My President" stickers…What country are you from and why aren't you there?

To all the little boys who still think they are in high school, Pikes are not a fraternity anymore. You're all in college now, it's okay to be an individual.

I would like to thank CSU for being an equal opportunity drinking fountain provider. The small drinking fountain outside the Rec Center by the basketball courts will well serve gnomes, sprites and other little people.


In response to the question, "Who in God's creation would ever push a girl out of an ATM line?" The answer is a Pike. I was not there, but I can believe it because no Pike I have ever met has proved me otherwise.

I thought the swim team was hot at last week's Border War.

To the embarrassed fan at volleyball's Border War – If you think that our comments about WYO players are bad, you should take a trip up to Laramie to hear what their fans say to our players. I was there last year, and we say NOTHING in comparison to the Cowboys. Did you also notice when we stopped yelling negative comments that CSU started losing? Think about that one.

To the guy who looks at pornography in the library- we can see what you are looking at! Get a real woman.

I generally don't agree with Ryan Chapman's political views (I'm a liberal Christian Ryan, they do exist), but he does work out at the same time in the morning as I do, and let me just say this… he could beat us all up!

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