Wallace and Gromit

Oct 092005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Apparently winter is upon us and fun out in the sun will be harder and harder to come by, which means there's a little more time for fun at the movies. The latest release from the geniusly clever "Wallace and Gromit" series "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is definitely one you'll want to check out should you find yourself shivering on the couch watching reruns of MacGyver over and over again.

With the annual Giant Vegetable Competition only days away, business is booming for Wallace and Gromit's rabbit snatching racket 'Anti-Pesto.' Unfortunately for them, and for the townsfolk, their vegetable safe boxes are no match for a mysterious monster who's taken kindly to munching on the neighborhoods prize veggies. Seeing as how the dastardly duo always has the cleverest ideas when it comes to tricky plans of thwarting evil, Wallace and Gromit take on the task of capturing the beast and protecting the valuable goods.

If you've experienced any of the other adventures this man-dog combo have ensued upon, me talking about how awesome the animation is may be the beginning of a dead horse beating. Director Nick Park has stepped his game up a tad since his last work, and not only with the claymation, there far more talking characters than the one or two in his old shorts and the locations seem enormous in comparison. Peter Sallis is also still working his magic as the easily recognized and smile evoking voice of Wallace. This time Ralph Fienes and Helena Bonham Carter also lend their voices to our ears as were-rabbit hunter Victor Quartermaine and the ever so lady-like Miss Tottington, respectively.

The wheels in Park's head never seem to have had a problem nonchalantly spewing creative genius all over the screen. The gadgets and machines he's given Wallace are too good for words. Just think that old computer game 'The Incredible Machine' but life-sized and claymated to the best of anybody's ability. As an added bonus there's a short film starring the penguins from "Madagascar" at the beginning of the flick, which takes the cake for one of the funniest shorts I've ever seen. You'll definitely want to make sure you show up on time or at least a couple minutes late to avoid those lousy commercials.

4 out of 5 ramskulls

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