Oct 092005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Talk about the most sure-fire way to skyrocket a Hollywood career into stardom.

Rob McKittrick has proven he's already a master of the trade with the first flick he's ever written or directed, "Waiting," released this weekend. If you have ever worked in a restaurant of any sort, especially a corporate monster, you will absolutely fall in love with every character and every scene. This hilarious flick perfectly describes the average day on the job the way "Napoleon Dynamite" nailed high school life to the wall, or locker in his case. It perfectly showcases the environment from beginning to end, dish dogs to line cooks to crappy customers.

I'd say everyone and their mother needs to witness this hilarity, on second thought though, it ranks up there as one of the crudest and possibly offensive flicks to date. I'm pretty sure this poor lady and her daughter awkwardly walked out during one of the uncountable male genitalia rants. I only mention it because the staff there at Shenanigans likes to play a fun frontal nudity game, which strangely enough turns into a pretty emotional and inspirational metaphor on life. I'm serious too.

Ryan Reynolds once again shines and steals the show as Monty, the womanizer of all high school girls and seemingly most successful waiter in the joint. For all of you Dane Cook crazed folks out there, don't expect to see him too much, but what he does serve up is hilarious none-the-less.

Another freaking funny character is the always-incredible Luis Guzm///n's character, Raddimus. His most hilarious scene is with Jordan Ladd in a bathroom stall, her best role since "Cabin Fever" and "Club Dread." The one character who holds the underlying life message together is Dean, played by "Jeepers Creepers" star Justin Long. He's caught in a mental struggle about either accepting a position as assistant manager and submitting himself to a long life of angry customers, or getting out of the noise all together and finding what he really wants to do.

If an hour and a half of nasty crude humor doesn't even begin to offend you, "Waiting…" will probably have you clutching your stomach in a stabbing pain of laughing fits. Make sure you stick around for the credits as Max Kasch and Andy Milonakis have one of the most quotable gansta' rap videos I've seen.

4 out of 5 stars

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