To the Editor:

Oct 092005

On behalf of the Colorado Student Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, state-based student organization), I am requesting the opportunity to inform the public about our national campaign to Stop the Raid on Student Aid.

The campaign is in response to HR609, a bill that, if passed in Congress, would cut federal student aid programs by nearly $9 billion dollars. This is the largest cut ever proposed in U.S. history and would leave the average college borrower in $5,800 more dollars of debt. Already, historical trends have resulted in 63 percent of students reporting that if they did not work they would not be able to attend college; right now one in five students report work weeks of 35 hours or more.

We as students must begin to ask how much more can be endured before some well-recognized and loved faces begin to disappear from our very own CSU. I urge the students to go to and read about the national campaign to Stop the Raid on Student Aid.

It is our opinion that nothing short of a student movement is required to combat the trends that continue to rob students of their educational experience. This is an issue of public interest that we, as the politically diverse student body of CSU, can share in common. Our national day of campus-wide demonstrations is Oct. 19. We believe there is much to be done between now and Nov. 9, when the bill is voted on.

Brian Rose

Co-PIRG Campaign Coordinator, CSU

Stop the Raid on Federal Aid

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