O-Line of the round table

Oct 092005
Authors: Nick Piburn

There aren't too many opinions like those of a hungry, and then full, offensive line. As we sat around a row of tables at Woody's Wood Fired Pizza, there were a few questions I had for the big boys. The topic ranged from sports to reality television. The answers went from no comment to phrases I can't even think about putting in a newspaper. Here are the ones I can.

Question: Do you care at all that hockey's starting?

Answers: "No, I could really care less about hockey, though it is fun to watch the Avs. But the hockey season means the football season is getting close to ending, which is bad," -junior Clint Oldenburg

"No, I don't really care because there's no lawns to mow during hockey season because it's to cold to grow lawns," -redshirt freshman Dane Stratton

"What is hockey? I'm from Arkansas," -senior Mike Brisiel

"Yes, I miss hockey. I don't get much time to watch hockey on TV but I have been to a few games live and I must say it is one of the most exhilarating events that I've ever had the pleasure of attending," -junior Jerome Williams

Question: Favorite reality TV show?

Answers: "The new 'Bound for Glory' with Dick Butkus as a high school football coach," -Oldenburg

"The FLW Bass Master Classic Tour," -Brisiel

"The best reality show would have to be 'American Idol,'" -senior Brandon Acloncel

"I don't know if this counts but I like the one with Puff Daddy, 'Making the Band,' I love that show," -Williams

"I like the 'Girls Next Door.' Have you seen that one? Yeah that one's awesome!" -junior Josh Day

Question: World Series picks?

Answers: "The Yankees are going to sweep the Angels, they're going to beat the White Sox in five and then beat the Cardinals in six." -Oldenburg

"I got the Halo's (Angels) going all the way, I got them going to the top, back with the rally monkey, they just hired him," -Alconcel

Question: Are you in the NASCAR craze?

Answers: "I'm not in the NASCAR craze because it's not a sport, a car is not an athlete." -Oldenburg

"I'm not into the NASCAR craze but sometimes I wish they'd drive the other direction just to spice it up a little," -Stratton

"I'm not that white trashy," -Brisiel "Yes you are," -random shout-out from unknown teammate

"I got Danica Patrick, she's my favorite driver," -Alconcel

Question: Do you guys participate in the Laguna Beach and O.C. shows?

Answers: "I'm not much of a Laguna Beach fan, but the O.C. is pretty real, I like the drama. Ryan's pretty real," -Alconcel

"I agree, I missed the last two episodes, but the O.C. is delicious, and Laguna Beach is not bad," -sophomore Justin Tyler

Question What is it like to play for coach Sonny Lubick?

Answers: Common answers of the entire offensive line: It's an honor to play for a coach like Sonny Lubick. He's one of the best coaches in the nation, he's one of the main reasons I came here. It's a once in a lifetime experience, I'm just glad he kept up his bargain and hasn't retired. I wouldn't rather be coached by anyone else.

Question: Who's the biggest prankster, jokester on the team?

"I would have to go with Dave Anderson, but I can't give out why, locker room code," -Oldenburg

"Albert Bimper, that (guy) plays too many jokes in the locker room," -Brisiel

"My vote goes to Albert Bimper for taping up my helmet. I know it was you, I just need some evidence," -Alconcel

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