Oct 092005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Supreme Court Justice nominee Harriett Miers has never been a judge. Now she is being recommended for the highest, most influential court in the country. It's like starting someone who has never played football in the Super Bowl – shouldn't she have worked her way through the ranks before getting thrown in with the big boys and girls?

It would make sense to nominate someone for the Supreme Court who has experience as a judge. Nominating Miers has yet again raised questions into the validity of Bush's choices and has even created a rift in the Republican Party between those who do and do not support the president's decision.

Miers has served as a White House counsel since February and came to Washington in 2001 by Bush's side. So could she be just another one of his cronies? Her few records indicate that this may be the case. She acted as the president's personal lawyer in Texas before serving as his staff secretary in Washington from 2001 to 2003. She has also been described by the White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, as one of "the favorite people in the White House," according to cnn.com.

Miers seems more like a Bush follower than a good choice for Supreme Court Justice. If nominated, she will be the only current justice on the court with no judicial experience. Although she has a scarce record about her stance on hot-button issues such as abortion and gay rights, she has been said to share in Bush's ideology.

A CNN/Gallup poll released last week indicates less Americans, especially conservatives, are concerned with Bush's nomination. After a mistake in appointing former FEMA director Michael Brown, President Bush can't afford to lose more credibility. But with Miers' nomination, it already seems he has done just that.


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