Oct 062005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

Top Ten Reasons we are glad the NHL is back

By Jake Blumberg

10. Glass:

More specifically, a lack thereof; watching a player get slammed through a piece of shattering glass is an unrivaled sight in sports.

9. Shootouts:

Watching the world's best players go one on one with a goalie to win a game is one of the more exciting things to watch in sports.

8. International Relations:

We once again have something to talk about with our friends to the north, the hockey-obsessed Can-"eh"-dians.

7. Parody:

In the new NHL, almost every team has a chance to win, maybe not the best news for Avalanche fans, but it will make every game worth watching.

6. Anger Management:

Disputes do not linger in hockey; if you are upset with something, you drop the gloves and handle the problem with some old fashioned fisticuffs.

5. TV Options:

In the middle of this winter we won't be subjected to countless reruns of "Extreme Makeover"; instead, hockey can entertain us through the cold.

4. Trendsetters:

Hockey players have single-handedly brought back the lumberjack look – scraggly beard and messy hair – which is now trendy and socially acceptable.

3. Scoring:

Under the NHL's new rules, the red lamp will be lit a lot more this year, adding to the excitement of an already action packed sport.

2. Art:

There is simply not another sport that fans can see art and athletics so intertwined; every goalie mask in the league is as intricate as a Monet.

1. Modesty:

Hockey players are by far the most unassuming, team-oriented athletes in pro sports – a refreshing twist during basketball and football season.

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